Adriana Laura Mendez brings to the world the finest pieces of handmade wire crochet jewelry.

Adriana Mendez and Julian Oribe are the masterminds behind these unique pieces of wearable art. Adriana Laura Mendez  is the quintessence of sophistication, solitious service, and egalitarian spirit.
We combine the flawless crochet technique that will dazzle you.

The weaving is unconventional; jewels and sculptures are created on a spiral curl-styled woven base. Ms Mendez´s weaving art is not based on patterns. Her designs are developed as her handweaving is in progress and are not influenced by popular trends or short-living fashion trends, a characteristic that makes them timeless and everlasting.

Technique skills, imagination, dedication and passion enable creations of works to enclose a magical creative world. Beauty in these jewelry pieces can be perceived by touching sensations as well as by visual perception. Material flexibility enhances its refinement and every handmade piece becomes an ornament that should be sensed as a natural extension of the body.

Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are handmade in gold and silver. The threads convey a handcraft and laboriousness to every single design. All our jewelry is transformed into a true unique piece of art.
Adriana Laura Mendez symbolizes the passion for marvelous jewelry and embraces the new and the unknown in the world of jewelry.



One thought on “About

  1. Hola adriana, soy Jacqueline me gustaría mucho tener una enión contigo para ver tus joyas, ya que yo compro y vendo a diferentes personas en arequipa. Muchas gracias y espro te pedas comunicar conmigo al 994645141. Estaré hasta el mañana en la noche en lima. Gracias.

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